Picking the Right Mirror For Your New Bathroom

Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is probably the number one interior design focus for homeowners and the area where most work is put in. When you’re doing your ablutions, of course, you want somewhere inspiring to get ready.

One thing every bathroom needs is a good mirror, of course. The good news is there’s plenty to choose from nowadays, whether you are designing something with modern chic or putting traditional elegance into your design. A mirror also helps to make a compact space look larger.

Here’s our quick guide:

Mirror Size

Mirror Size

Pick where you want the mirror to be installed and hung and measure the space, leaving at least a few inches of gap on all sides. Most people choose to go the width of the basin but there’s no reason that you can’t go bigger. If you want to include light fixtures in this part of the bathroom then you need to take that into account when measuring up.

It’s best to leave the mirror choice until after you have designed the rest of your bathroom, particularly the countertop area as this will avoid getting the size and shape wrong.

Mirror Shape

Mirror Shape

There are many choices here – circular, oval, square, diamond, you can take your pick. You may have already spotted a mirror in a store and might be dead set on having it. The problem is, what looks good on a shelf often doesn’t have the same effect when hanging in your bathroom for real. One trick to be sure is to cut out a template from card and place it in the space that you want the mirror to occupy.

Frame or No Frame

Frame or No Frame

This will come down purely to choice. If you only have a small bathroom and a small space for the mirror, it’s probably better to go with no frame. More decorative mirrors with ornate frames can look really attractive but can require regular cleaning when exposed to the steam and damp of a much-used bathroom. A mirror with no frame is the low maintenance option if you prefer not to have to clean too often.

Types of Mirror

Types of Mirror

There are several choices here as well. A wall mirror fixes directly to the surface and can even be made flush with the tiling. You can also get illuminated mirrors that save having to put in extra lighting. These have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years.

There are also mirrors that have an anti-fog system. If you’re fed up with your old bathroom mirror steaming up all the time, this is a great option and works really well.

If you really want to go modern, you might want to choose a Bluetooth mirror. Why? Because you can play your music through it by simply connecting a mobile phone or music system. There are other options on the market nowadays such as mirrors with their own shaver socket as well as the traditional kitchen cabinet mirror if you want to store your things away.

The trick in choosing the right mirror for your bathroom is to match functionality with size and appearance. Our advice is to take your time and to leave it until last when you have the rest of your design sorted out.

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