A Guide to Choosing Bathroom Taps

When you visit our Salisbury bathroom showroom at Aquatec, there’s certainly plenty of choice on offer. Our trained staff work hard to help you match the ideal fixtures and fittings to your bathroom design.

One element that sometimes takes a great deal of thought is the type of tap customers want for their bath and basin. Most people don’t come in with preconceived ideas. They’re often surprised at how wide the choice is.

From floor-mounted taps to bath and shower mixers, taking your time and looking at all the options should ensure you pick well for your intended design.

Tap Holes

Tap Holes

A lot of baths and basins come with pre-drilled holes ready to install. This can limit the type of taps that you choose. If you buy a sink or bath without any holes already drilled into them, it can cut out a lot of problems, especially if you are still unsure what taps you want to choose.

Types of Bathroom Tap

Types of Bathroom Tap

There are five different tap types that can be used for your bath and a lot will depend on the effect you want to achieve.

  • Floor Mounted: If you have a freestanding bath these fixtures can be connected to the floor. They rise up over the head of the bath and the taps curl over the edge. Floor mounted taps are a perfect choice if you want a modern bath that sits away from the wall. It will look quite stunning in larger rooms.

  • Deck Mounted: This is the traditional way of attaching taps and they fit onto the head above the plug through drilled holes. All the pipework is concealed out of sight.

  • Wall Mounted: Another option is to build your plumbing into the wall and have your taps mounted there. These are great if you have baths without predrilled holes but still want things to be neat and tidy.

  • Bath & Shower Mixers: A popular choice is to have a bath and shower mixer. The shower attachment can be used for washing hair and is a great alternative to having a full-functioning shower installed. You also have the hot and cold tap on either side of the mixer.

  • Bath Spouts: These are often considered a luxury design but are more common nowadays. They work as a mixer tap and are suitable for tubs that cannot have holes drilled into them. If you like simplicity and elegance, these are a great choice.
Basin Taps

Basin Taps

Basin taps are slightly different with a few less choices. These are:

  • Mixer taps, where there’s one outlet for the water fed by both hot and cold water.

  • Hot and cold pillar basin taps which are the traditional design.

  • Wall-mounted basin taps, where the pipework is hidden behind the bathroom tiling.

It’s not just the style of tap that you need to think about. There’s the finish to consider – do you want ceramic, polished chrome or even gold plate? It’s good to consider the aesthetics but also pay attention to how easy it is to maintain and keep clean.

As you can see, there’s more to choosing the right taps for your bathroom than simply buying a product off the shelf. At Aquatec Bathrooms in Salisbury, we pride ourselves in the way we work with customers to help them plan the potential for their great new designs.

We have a wide range of taps and other fixtures and fittings that will help create a luxury feel and a bathroom you’ll really want to spend time in. Contact our expert team today, to find out more.


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