Villeroy & Boch Available at Aquatec Bathrooms in Salisbury

Whether you are designing a new bathroom or updating your existing décor, your first focus will probably be on the bath you choose. When customers visit the Aquatec showroom in Salisbury, it’s usually the first thing they want to look at and we can understand why.

Choosing a bath that fits your expectations is not always that easy. There are a few designers and manufacturers, however, that always deliver quality and design excellence. One of these is Villeroy & Boch who produce baths is a range of sizes, designs and colours.

We’re proud to have their excellent line available at our Aquatec Bathroom showroom in Salisbury.

Who Are Villeroy & Boch?

Who Are Villeroy & Boch?

If you are someone who loves to take a nice hot bath and relax in luxury surroundings, then the size and design is going to be highly important to you. Villeroy & Boch supply a broad range of baths – every shape from round and rectangular to oval and hexagonal. They also have corner baths, freestanding designs and even specialised, customised designs.

The company produce products in both versatile acrylic and their exclusive Quaryl (acrylic and quartz) range, both of which designed to produced perfectly crafted finishes. Whether you want a bath in summery yellow or an autumnal red, there’s plenty of choice too when it comes to colour.

The company provide the range of taps and other fittings that accompany your bath installation. What we love about them is the sheer diversity and the quality, texture and look of the baths. They look substantial, unique and elegant.

Why Our Customers Love Villeroy & Boch

Why Our Customers Love Villeroy & Boch

At our Salisbury showroom, our aim is to give customers as much choice as possible. It’s not just about providing a range of different baths, showers and other fixtures and fittings. We select from the best at Aquatec Bathrooms because we know our customers deserve it.

Villeroy & Boch are one of the top bathroom suppliers and certainly a popular choice with our Salisbury customers. Finding the right bath to fit the layout of your home is challenging, however, and it’s important to look at all the options.

At Aquatec Bathrooms, we work closely with our customers to ensure they get the luxury design and fit that meets their needs.

Choosing Your Villeroy & Boch Bathroom Design

Choosing Your Villeroy & Boch Bathroom Design

There’s a huge range to choose from here. Villeroy & Boch produce all aspects of bathroom fixtures and fittings from showers and toilets to washbasins and mirror cabinets.

The first thing you need to think about is the space that you have in your Salisbury home. That’s why working through the options with our friendly team at Aquatec Bathrooms is so important. We have a lot of experience of the Villeroy & Boch product line, so we’ll be able to advise what will work for your home and what may need some more thought.

We can take you through all the options and help you plan a stunning bathroom that really has everything you need. If you are looking for a bathroom installation company in or around Salisbury and the surrounding region, contact the team at Aquatec to find out more.


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