Effective Bathroom Storage Trends 2019/20

One of the biggest challenges when designing a bathroom, especially if you are limited in the space you have available, is how to create the right amount of storage for all your towels, bottles, shampoos and potions.

Fortunately, at Aquatec Bathrooms, it’s something we’ve got quite a lot of experience at dealing with. There are plenty of stylish design options out there, whether you’re lucky to have a large space or are a little more constrained.

Utilising Small Spaces

Utilising Small Spaces

The first thing to do if you are planning to revamp your bathroom is to look at areas where you can add storage. Simple choices like shower caddies, which can be built into your unit, will help keep your shampoos and soaps neatly ordered for a start. Then there’s the space under the basin which is ideal for adding storage without using up valuable space.

Slimline storage is a strengthening trend for modern bathrooms as it can be used in relatively narrow spaces. We suggest looking at storage from a vertical rather than a horizontal point of view and you’ll find that you can find a wide range of solutions.

If you are really stuck for space, another option is to use hanging baskets. These can easily be installed and hold everything from creams and lotions to makeup without impinging on wall space.

Effective bathroom storage trends 2020

Effective bathroom storage trends 2020

Of course, the traditional mirror cabinet is still a staple of many bathrooms but how about building it into the wall rather than having it sticking too far out?

For smaller spaces, it’s all about being imaginative and using the potential you have. At Aquatec Bathrooms in Salisbury, we have a wide range of options available from some of the leading bathroom design companies in the world, including Laufen, Vitra, Villeroy and Boch.

Storage for Larger Bathrooms

Storage for Larger Bathrooms

Of course, if you have more space, there is a wider range of options. A lot depends on the look you are going for.

On the other hand, if you want to maintain that sense of space and don’t want your bathroom cluttered with excess furniture, shelving units and wall units can help keep everything tidy while still being functional.

If you are searching for storage ideas for your bathroom, whether you have a large or small space or somewhere in between, visit our showroom in Salisbury today. We’ve got plenty of ideas and great design solutions at Aquatec Bathrooms.


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