Benefits of Bathroom Heating

The last thing you want on a cold winter day is to step into a bathroom that doesn’t have great heating. It’s the one place where comfort is paramount.

At Aquatec Bathrooms, we can help with all aspects of your bathroom design including making sure you have the right heating options in place. From underfloor heating to elegant heated towel rails and smart lights, we think we’ve got everything you might need to keep yourself warm while you have a shower or bath.

Great bathroom heating has a number of benefits:

Great bathroom heating has a number of benefits:

  • It’s designed to keep you warm without burning you. A gentle heat, in a small space like this, is ideal.

  • It helps keep the air dry and prevents damp smells and mould building up in your bathroom.

  • It’s all about comfort, of course. If you don’t want to put on the heating in the rest of the house, having a standalone heater for the bathroom is the perfect solution.
Benefits of bathroom heating Aquatec

Benefits of bathroom heating Aquatec

Making the right choice is important when deciding on what heating to choose. You might want a heater that will have a relatively immediate effect, something that’s helped by having a small space such as a bathroom. Or maybe simply want a system that hooks up to your central heating. Options include:

  • Underfloor heating: This is becoming increasingly popular because it’s very efficient, relatively easy to install and is low maintenance.

  • Heat lights: Another popular option at our Salisbury bathroom showroom, as soon as you switch on these lights, they start giving out heat which makes them both efficient and immediate.

  • Heated towel rails: Many of our customers love the traditional towel rail, not least because it looks elegant on the wall. There’s nothing better than getting out of the bath or shower and having a warm towel to dry yourself with.

What you choose is going to depend largely on personal preference. Some might choose to have a mix of heat light and heated towel rail, for example, especially if they have a slightly larger bathroom space.

We use a wide range of suppliers and are able to deliver a variety of different solutions for your bathroom heating needs. These include:



HIB are the height of bathroom technology and a supplier that really seems to deliver when it comes to tech. Not only do they make Bluetooth enabled cabinets, they produce a range of heat lights and heated demister doors. If you are searching for an option that is cost-effective and functional, this is a great supplier to explore.

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This is another company that has really delivered for our customers over the years. Elegant and modern, their radiators and towel rails look exceptional in any bathroom, whatever the size.

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Lefroy Brooks

Lefroy Brooks

If you are searching for something classic in design when it comes to heated towel rails, Lefroy Brooks certainly ticks all the right boxes. These elegant rails can be hooked up to your central heating relatively easily and help keep you warm during those winter months.

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Why Choose Aquatec Bathrooms in Salisbury?

Heating is probably the last thing you’ll consider when designing a new bathroom but it’s also one of the most important aspects of any installation. Whether you want your heating concealed or you love to see an elegant towel rail, we’ve got everything covered.

To find out how Aquatec can help design your new bathroom, visit our showroom today and talk to our professional and experienced team.


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