How to Choose the Best Bathroom Heating

For those thinking of redesigning their bathroom soon, there are plenty of options when it comes to heating one of the busiest rooms in any home.

The last thing you want is a great looking new bathroom that is cold during the winter mornings just when you need to go in for a shower or shave. But you also want your radiator or heated towel rail to look the part.

At Aquatec Bathrooms, we offer a range of different heating solutions for our customers. We can even provide you with the latest, state of the art heated toilet seats! Here are just some of the options you might want to consider:

1. Heated Towel Rails

We most often associate bathroom heating with towel rails. Not only do these take up little space they can be put in anywhere and are great for keeping those towels nice and warm.

They do give off a little less heat than a traditional radiator but for small spaces, they are an easy and cheap way to keep your bathroom warm during the winter. Not to mention, the toasty towel heating benefits, allowing you to step out of a nice shower and enjoy a warm fluffy towel.

2. Designer Radiators

If you want to give your bathroom a different look and feel and still save space, the range of designer radiators on the market today has grown over the last few years. You can find radiators of any size and shape to meet your needs.

At Aquatec Bathrooms, we aim to find the right heating solution and design that meets your needs. That means we’re constantly exploring new suppliers with whom we can build a partnership. One of these is Vogue UK, a company that produce a whole range of attractive designer radiators and towel warmers.

3. Underfloor Heating

Another option, and one which is increasing in popularity, is underfloor heating. This is great if you don’t want a radiator but want to make sure that your bathroom is comfortably warm when you get up in the morning.

It works well if you have something like a tiled floor and is relatively easy to install. The underfloor heating is essentially a large mat that is laid out and connected to the electric mains.

Today’s modern systems can be hooked up to a digital control with a timer so you can make sure your bathroom is at the right temperature before you step in.

4. Heated Toilet Seats

These may seem a little bit of an extravagance but they’re pretty popular with our customers at Aquatec Bathrooms. If you want to see how they work, you can pop into our showroom in Salisbury and even try them out.

Most seats have a range of temperature settings and you simply switch the device on before you sit down for the ultimate in comfort.

To ensure you are getting the most out of your bathroom space and your money, it’s worth making your heating choices before you start to redesign your bathroom. If you want more space, for instance, something like underfloor heating is ideal.

At Aquatec Bathrooms in Salisbury, we can work through all the options and give you access to a broad range of designs, shapes and sizes. Contact us today to find out more or visit our showroom.


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